Tire balancing is the process of making sure that all four wheels of your vehicle are rotating at the same speed. Tires can become imbalanced due to uneven tire wear, the buildup of road material on the tire treads, or improper inflation.

This blog addresses the four most common tire balancing methods to avoid accidents and extend your tires’ life. Continue reading!

1. Mechanical Triangle Spinning

Mechanical Triangle Spinning is a process where the tire is attached to a machine that spins it at high speeds. The process ensures that both sides of the tire rotate at an equal pace. A heavy mass or weight is added and removed with each rotation to eliminate any imbalance inside the tire.

2. Taping Method

The taping method calls for the use of a doughnut-shaped taping tool to check for imbalance. The taping process requires using unique taping compounds placed around the circumference of both sides of the tire. If an imbalance exists, there will be a difference between weights on either side due to centrifugal force pushing objects away from the midline (center) of rotation.

3. Laser Alignment

Laser Alignment is a method that uses laser beams alongside the tire to detect imbalance. In this process, the tire spun at high speeds underneath a laser beam. The laser beam detects any minute differences in tire circumference due to centrifugal force pushing objects away from the midline (center) of rotation.

4. ABC Balancing Beads’ Method – The Best Method Of Balancing Tires

ABC Balancing Beads offers a unique internal balancing method that is simple. Inserting the balancing beads through the tire’s valve stem saves you time and money on new tire installation since you do not even need to remove the tire from the vehicle. Our specially-coated and tempered glass tire balancing beads repel moisture and avoid clumping.

We use a memory technology that keeps our tire balancing beads stabilized and in place, even at the stop. At ABC Balancing Beads, we balance the complete axle end, the tire and wheel, and all the moving components of the wheel assembly for the tire’s life.

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