Starting your truck fleet can be challenging. From building a solid business plan to getting the right permits and licenses, and getting to own your own truck fleet is all about hard work. This is why the maintenance of your fleet is crucial.

Tire balancing beads for trucks is a modern method that provides fast and efficient maintenance solutions for truck drivers and business owners.

Common sense tells us that it is better to prevent than to cure. This article will inform you about 4 things to consider to keep your truck fleet business operating smoothly before problems arise.

1. Fleet Management System

Nowadays, there is truck fleet management software, computer programs that can be used to examine, inspect and oversee the trucks in the fleet. This will help you monitor the performance of each truck. It tracks the truck’s fuel consumption and even tracks the mileage covered.

2. Build a Preventive Maintenance Plan

Give each driver an essential task to complete before leaving the warehouse to perform their duties. This essential task is called an inspection checklist.

If your personnel find a problem with the performance of the truck during the inspection process, put them into maintenance immediately.

Conducting preventative service and repairs can help you avoid time-stealing breakdowns when your drivers are on the road.

3. Take Care Of Your Tires

Tire balancing and pressure are significant metrics to take into account to keep your truck fleet alive.

Signs of wheel-related malfunction are:

  • Vibration
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Bad fuel economy

Using the wrong methods of wheel balancing can put yourself and others on the road at risk of accidents. Thankfully, advances in vehicle engineering have developed a new technique that helps with the equal distribution of weight in your vehicle’s wheels.

Tire balancing beads for trucks work as a unique internal balancing method that keeps truck rides vibration-free. This method is effective in various ways, such as how balancing beads can be installed without having to remove the tire and the wheel from the vehicle.

4. Always Carry Oil Absorbents

Sometimes, oil leak or spills happen either on the road or inside the warehouse. Oil absorbents are products that take oil into the body of the material. When it happens on the road and you as a driver need to handle the situation, it is important to make it quick and clean. 

ABC’s oil absorbents provide an entirely organic blend of absorbents with a pickup ratio of twenty times more than other absorbent materials. It also contains hydrocarbon digesting microbes for bioremediation, and it provides environmental benefits when applied as the ingredients are all biodegradable.

Let’s turn the words: “it is better to prevent than to cure” into action.