Oil spills on land can have a detrimental effect on the environment. If a spill does occur, it should be a priority to prevent the oil from seeping into the water supply or entering waterways as run-off. However, it’s even more critical to ensure the clean-up method chosen does not cause additional harm to the environment.

ABC Balancing Beads offers a unique alternative to conventional absorbents that benefits the environment and gets the clean-up done. Keep reading to learn about ABC Absorbent and why it is superior to other absorbents on the market today. 

What Makes ABC Absorbent Unique?

ABC Balancing Beads strives to be a leader when it comes to offering environmentally friendly options. Their oil spill absorbent speaks to their commitment to protecting the environment and is a unique blend of organic materials that can clean up oil spills on land and in hard-to-reach areas.

ABC Absorbent has a pickup ratio that is twenty times more than that of other conventional absorbents on the market.  Its ingredients allow for environmental benefits as they are biodegradable and made up of oil and hydrocarbon digesting microbes. Disposal of the sorbent is easy as it can be left with the contaminated oil into the environment. 

Additionally, the encapsulation allows for a convenient shelf-life of three years or more, so the material is always available on hand when the time comes for it to be used. ABC absorbent is conveniently made with a system to protect the oil digesting microbes with the nutrients it needs to stay in a dormant state until necessary. 

What’s Wrong With Synthetic Sorbents?

When dealing with an oil spill potentially harmful to the environment, it is very important to choose the correct sorbent. Choosing the wrong one can mean causing secondary contamination of the soil or water supply. Synthetic sorbents are human-made materials that may not be a good choice for the environment or safety.

Given synthetic sorbents are made up of plastic-based materials like polypropylene, they can easily catch fire and cause violent combustion with other products. Organic, natural sorbents such as ABC Absorbent are preferable and provide additional benefits to the environment. 

Invest In Sustainability with ABC Balancing Beads 

When choosing the suitable absorbent, ABC Balancing Beads is proud to offer a unique and safe alternative to other conventional absorbents. They are proud to be a leader in sustainability and strive to provide affordable and high-quality products.