ABC Absorbent is an Organic blend with a pick up ratio of 20X conventional absorbents.

Contains hydrocarbon digesting microbes for bioremediation...

Safe for the Environment with over 20X the absorbtion rate of conventional absorbents.

ABC Absorbent provides a high pick up ratio and has environmental benefits as its primary ingredients are biodegradable. The addition of oil and hydrocarbon digesting microbes allow for the disposal of the used sorbent contaminated with oil into the environment.

 The addition of encapsulated microbes extends the flexibility of the material in at least 2 important ways. First, the used sorbent may be abandoned because the microbes will bioremediate the contaminant and the sorbent itself is biodegradable.

Customized with microbes to bioremediate specific contaminants and to pick up a wide variety of liquids…

Next, the encapsulation permits a shelf-life of three years or more so the material can be available and ready for use when needed and ABC Absorbent includes a system for the protection of the oil digesting microbes together with their necessary nutrients while being maintained in a dormant state until their activity is triggered.

 ABC Absorbent has the capability of remediating a wide range of liquid spills other than oils or hydrocarbons, such as synthetic oils, fuels, coolants, paints, polymers, solvents, oils with PCB’s, cyanides, sulfides, insecticides and herbicides.

…and is environmentally friendly.

ABC Spill Kit includes: 5lb bag of ABC Absorbent, 4ft containment sock, broom/dust pan, 2 sorbent pads, rubber gloves, mask, biodegradable garbage bags and durable carry bag (20″x10″x10″).

A must have for all Fleet drivers and Owner Operators

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Roadside Spill Clean up

Accidental oil spills, weather in the workplace or on land are a source of concern for the entire planet. In areas where we have a fragile watering supply system, the threat of an oil spill that could destroy the water source is a real concern.

Of the millions of dollars which are spent on the cleanup of oil spills, the major part is devoted to cosmetic purposes, cleaning up the oil after the major damage has been done. Dramatic savings are realized if the oil can be contained and the damage arrested at the scene of remediation, including pickup of the spill

In all instances of oil spills, it is desirable to achieve a number of site and circumstance specific objectives.


Absorbents in the workplace…

ABC Absorbent is a safe, high pickup ratio sorbent material that allows for a choice of disposal by dumping the used sorbent in a landfill when the contaminant and the biodegradable sorbent will be remediated with microbes present in the sorbent.


Oil spills on land that require a fast response or in locations difficult to reach by vehicle, the absorbent should be as light and compact as possible to facilitate transfer by personnel on foot. That situation requires a sorbent with a high pickup-to-weight ratio plus high oil containment capability.

Dramatic savings are available with advantages of having one low cost sorbent that will accomplish all these important objectives of spill remediation.