Do you know when you get a cold and just can’t stop coughing? The same happens to your car when your wheels are imbalanced. The car gets all shaky and makes it really difficult to drive. Just like the doctor gives you cough medicine, mechanics will recommend balancing beads for your tires to stop giving you a hard time.


Balancing beads have become a very popular balancing solution. These beads have revolutionized the traditional balancing method, reducing it to a 20-minute job. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about balancing beads and why experts recommend them for your tires.


The Basics About Balancing Beads 


What Are Balancing Beads?

Tire balancing beads are tiny beads made from glass or ceramic. They internally balance any vehicle’s tires and keep it that way at any speed and position. Balancing beads are very popular for their quick installation and multiple benefits such as fuel economy.


What Can Balancing Beads Do For You & Your Vehicle?

Here’s what you should expect from your balancing beads:

  • Longer tire life: Balancing beads balance the entire wheel axle end. This reduces uneven treadwear, which eventually leads to your tires lasting longer.
  • No shaky drives: Balancing beads stabilize your tires, reducing steering wheel vibration and instability of the vehicle while driving.
  • Fuel efficiency: Balanced tires make it easier for the car to move. When the engine requires less effort to work, it also takes up less fuel. This will save you up to a couple of thousand dollars on gas.
  • Improved safety: These beads optimize the tire and wheel weight reducing the chances of deviating on the road.


How To Use Tire Balancing Beads?

Here are the 5 simple steps that will take your vehicle from imbalance to complete stability:

  • Place a forejack underneath the front axle to take the pressure off the steer tires.
  • Remove the valve core from the valve stem to release the air from the tire.
  • Pour the beads into the injection pump.
  • Attach the chuck to the valve stem and make sure it’s in the right position 
  • Hold the injection tool vertically and open the air valve release from 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock while slowly turning the injection tool upwards.


What’s so great about balancing beads is that you don’t have to remove the tire from the vehicle to install them. In case you have a new tire, you can drop the bag of beads inside the tire, and it’ll be ready to go.


No More Unbalanced Wheels With ABC Balancing Beads

If unbalanced wheels have been giving you nightmares, then go ahead and switch from the traditional balancing method to our ABC Balancing Beads. Our beads have integrated memory technology, ensuring a completely balanced axle at all times. Even at a stop!


Our balancing beads are coated with tempered glass to avoid clumping inside the wheel and don’t absorb moisture. If you’re ready to leave the long traditional balancing method in the past and switch to this innovative method, send us a message!