When was the last time you balanced your tires? You probably don’t think it’s so necessary since you installed lead weights. Lead weights are a popular wheel balancing solution. However, their long-term effectiveness is something to put into doubt. 

Technological advances and constant innovation have allowed wheel balancing beads to take the weights’ place, showing more benefits for drivers and vehicles. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how balancing beads are superior to lead weights.


How Are Balancing Beads Superior To Lead Weights?

According to experts, these are the 4 main ways in which balancing beads outsell lead weights:

  • Keep The Wheel Balanced At All Times:  Lead weights are only temporary. They become loose and detach eventually, which causes your vehicle to shake and vibrate again. On the other hand, Beads balance the complete life of the tire.
  • Balance The Complete Wheel Assembly: Unlike lead weights that can only be placed in a few positions on your tires, beads can be placed evenly around the entire circumference. This results in a more balanced wheel assembly and improved fuel economy.
  • Beads Are Protected From Road Hazards: Since they’re placed inside the tire, beads are less likely to be damaged by road hazards. This also helps save the environment from the problems caused by lead.
  • Beads Keep Your Car’s Aesthetic: If you have custom wheels, you know they’re not cheap. Lead weights can cause irreparable damage to them and make them lose their charm. On the other hand, Beads are invisible to others and will keep your car’s aesthetic. 


Next Time You Need To Balance Your Tires, Choose ABC Balancing Beads

The next time you need to balance your tires, think twice before using lead weights. Consider the many benefits of balancing beads instead. At ABC Balancing Beads, we’ve got tempered glass-coated beads with integrated memory technology to keep your tires balanced at any speed and position. 

Our wheel balancing beads ensure your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. They don’t clump or absorb moisture, avoiding damage to the tire or premature replacement. With this wheel balancing solution, in less than 20 minutes, your vehicles will be completely balanced and ready to hit the road.