No matter which vehicle you’re driving, it’s essential to ensure your vehicle is in the best shape possible. Having unbalanced tires can put you in unsafe situations. Tire balancing provides a smooth ride and assures even tire wear by adequately adjusting the vehicle’s tire weight distribution.

Investing in a high-quality balancing method such as the balancing beads from ABC Balancing Beads can ensure you keep your vehicle and its tires in the best condition possible. Keep reading to find out the benefits of using ABC Balancing Beads’ state-of-the-art balancing method.

Why Choose ABC

We know there are several options for tire balancing, which is why we’re so confident in our unique and differentiated balancing beads, which differ from traditional balancing beads.

What’s so different with traditional beads, you may ask? Well, conventional balancing beads fall to the bottom of the tire and only provide stability at speeds of forty miles per hour and more, creating uneven tire wear and other issues. On the other hand, our unique balancing method is designed with efficiency and features sure to be a life-long investment.

Improved Glass Beads

ABC Balancing Beads has beads that are tempered glass with a unique, proprietary coating. They are capable of repelling moisture and not clumping, making tires work in excellent condition for the rest of their life. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about replacing your ABC beads until your next tire replacement.

Unique Injection Method

With our unique beads comes a unique installation method. ABC beads are conveniently injected through the valve stem, which means there is no need to remove the vehicle’s tire. The entire balancing process takes no longer than five minutes per tire.

Memory Technology

Our glass beads have become an easy favorite due to the memory technology they have. The beads are stabilized through electrostatic and provide a completely balanced axle in all-wheel positions, not at just highway speeds.

Invest In The Best

Your tires are a critical part of your drive and the overall performance of your vehicle. Not only is it essential to balance your tires for safety reasons, but it also increases the efficiency of your time management. Having balanced tires ensures that they wear down at an equal rate, allowing you to wait to purchase a full set of four tires instead of two at a time.

At ABC Balancing Beads, we offer a unique balancing method for your tires, one that is sure to be a lifelong investment. The memory technology created between our glass beads and the rubber stabilizes the beads in place for the out-of-balance vibration, providing a completely balanced axle end in all wheel positions.