Every day, businesses use trucks for a multitude of reasons; to transport goods, or carrying out day-to-day tasks. However, such vehicles can leak, drip, or spill, and in the process, either cause an accident or pollute the environment. The large majority of spills are considered accidental and can usually occur due to breakdowns or maintenance requirements.

The best thing to do to avoid being surprised in such a situation is to ensure you have absorbent on hand. Without having an oil absorbent on hand and a basic understanding of how to respond to a truck-related spill, the impact can be harmful to our environment, even though the spill is accidental.

Keep reading to learn more about the reasons you need to ensure you have an absorbent on hand.

Benefits of Oil Absorbents

Oil absorbents allow for easy removal of small hazardous spills. Effective oil absorbents offer an added benefit of being “hydrophobic”, meaning they will not take on water, increasing the absorption rate of oil. Using oil absorbents also helps reduce negative impacts on the working environment and speed up recovery time.

Oil absorbents are easy to store and are important pieces of most spill kits. In larger spills, oil absorbents help take care of remaining traces of oil once skimmers and other tools are no longer effective.

Product Spotlight: ABC Absorbent

With so many options on the market, you might be wondering which one is the best choice. This is why we developed ABC absorbents, which provide a high pick-up ratio and have environmental benefits as their primary ingredients are biodegradable.

The addition of oil and hydrocarbon digesting microbes allows for the disposal of the used sorbent contaminated without special handling. The addition of the encapsulated microbes makes the product superior to other options in at least.

First, the used sorbent may be abandoned because the microbes will remediate the contaminant. The sorbent itself is biodegradable. Secondly, the encapsulation permits a shelf-life of three years or more so the material can be available and ready for use when needed.

The ABC Difference

At ABC Balancing Beads, we are pleased to offer a solution for oil spills that is both convenient and environmentally friendly. ABC oil spill absorbent can remedy a wide range of liquid spills other than oils, such as synthetics, sulfides, and more.