Having unbalanced tires on your car is a lot like wearing two different shoes – it’s going to be an uncomfortable journey. Unbalanced tires can affect fuel economy, stress your shocks and bearings, and shorten your tires’ life if not addressed. But, how would you know what to look out for?

Are there any obvious signs that would indicate your tires need balancing? Keep reading to learn about the symptoms to look out for.

Signs Your Tires Are Unbalanced

There is a reason tire shops insist on balancing a car’s tires when you put a new set on your vehicle. As briefly mentioned, unbalanced tires pose various problems and risks to your car, making it unsafe. Signs include the following:


Vibration is the first and most common sign of unbalanced tires. Drivers may feel the vibration in the steering wheel, floor, or seat, depending on which tire is unbalanced. The severity of the vibration will be dependent on how unstable the tire is, current driving/road conditions, and your speed.

If your car continually vibrates any time you’re on the road, your tires may have uneven wear or be unbalanced.

Uneven Tire Wear

This second symptom might be less obvious unless you are conscious of the wear pattern on your tires. When your tires are unbalanced, it causes uneven tread wear on your tire.

This puts more stress on your tire parts that aren’t designed to withstand such pressure, thus shortening your tires’ life. Tires that are unbalanced and undergo uneven wear are at a higher risk of going flat.

Road Noises Seem Louder Than Before

If the tread wears down on your car tires, it may result in a noisy diving experience. Also, improper tire maintenance and damage may cause road noises to seem louder than before when traveling on different roads. If you notice excess noise, you should have your car checked out.

ABC Balancing Beads are The Optimal Tire Balancing Solution

Balancing beads, when easily installed, continuously balance your tires as you drive. The amount of material will distribute itself in weight and position depending on the individual tire’s balance requirements.

As the centrifugal force increases, the heavy spot pulls up and down on the suspension, the beads are centered, ensuring wheel balance. The result is a smooth, vibration-free ride.

Wheel balance is achieved when both the wheel’s angular momentum is mostly consistent with travel direction. The center of the wheel/tire assembly is located in the geometric center of the assembly. By increasing the wheel’s rotating mass, you dramatically increase the amount of force needed to create a momentum imbalance.

Traditional spin balancing beads only balance the tire and wheel, but ABC’s balancing beads balance the entire wheel assembly, including every part of the wheel assembly. ABC uses a memory technology that keeps our beads balanced in your vehicle’s tires, even when you’re at a full stop.

Invest In The Best Beads On The Market

Tire balancing is one of the essential parts of keeping your tires in good shape. When you drive with unbalanced tires, you’re wasting money and putting yourself in potentially unsafe situations. With help from ABC Balancing Beads, you can get the best balancing beads on the market.

Our balancing beads are unlike any other; they are applied through the tire valve stem, making it quicker and easier to balance than the traditional weight balancing method. When you choose ABC Balancing Beads, you decide to invest in your tires and get better fuel economy results, lower maintenance costs, and more.