Tire balancing beads offer vehicle owners a wide range of benefits that makes driving a lot safer, enjoyable, and even more cost-effective! As well as implying an easier and faster method of application.

Driving with unbalanced tires brings a host of issues like poor fuel economy, hindered steering, uneven tire wear, and just an all-around less satisfactory driving experience.

Also, the process of applying tire balancing beads is very quick and easy to perform, making it a must for any vehicle owner trying to keep their loved ones and themselves a lot safer!

Given balancing beads are such a great solution to balance the tires of your vehicle, it is common to have some questions, such as how long does it take for balancing beads to work? Or how long does balancing beads last when applied? Keep reading to find the answer!

How Do They Work

Before answering the lifespan of tire balancing beads, it’s important to address how they actually work. The answer is quite interesting!

Tire balancing beads are placed inside the tire through the valve. When the beads are there, they add the necessary weight to find the perfect balance when one of the tires is a couple of grams related to the others.

Having your tires balanced provides vehicle owners with the following benefits:

  • Extended tire life.
  • Less tire vibration.
  • Better fuel economy.
  • Overall lower maintenance costs.

Quick and Easy Installation & Activation

Tire balancing beads, such as ABC balancing beads, offer vehicle owners a streamlined installation process that’s done in under 5 minutes per wheel, in a simple 5-step process!

  • First, place a floor jack underneath the front axle to remove pressure off the tires.
  • Release the air by removing the valve core from the stem.
  • Fill the injection pump reservoir with ABC balancing beads.
  • Attach the chuck to the valve stem, making sure the release valve is in the off position. Then, attach the airline.
  • Holding the injection tool vertically, open the air valve, slowly turning the injection tool towards you.

Also, because of the way balancing beads work, once applied into the tire, these start to work as soon as the vehicle is on the move. The speed of the rotating tire makes the balance beads move inside the tire until they find parts of it that are not balanced, and then the balancing beads remain in that position balancing the tire.

Long-Lasting Results

When it comes to the lifespan of tire balancing beads, the answer might vary.

Given the long-lasting material balancing beads are usually made out of, you might expect them to last as long as your tires do. Good quality balancing beads are made out of coated glass, providing a strong bead that lasts for the life of the tire, and keeps your tires balanced for the same period of time.

Balance Your Tires with ABC Balancing Beads

Suppose you want a long-lasting tire balancing solution that will improve your vehicle’s performance and overall safety. In that case, ABC Balancing Beads is what you need!

We offer high-quality tire balancing beads that will help you save time and money with a simple installation process and affordable prices!