Did you know that motorcycle tire balancing is essential for more than just performance and safety? Sure, it helps with gas mileage and reduces the blowout risk. But it also reduces vibration and wobbling in the wheel by distributing the weight evenly across the tire.

Wouldn’t you instead save money by extending the lifespan of your tires? You can do so by using balancing beads.

But what good is to have balancing beads if you do not know how to properly apply them. That’s why our blog is going to teach you how to balance your motorcycle tires. Let’s start!

How To Balance Motorcycle Tires

Installation of ABC’s balancing beads can either be done at the time of new tire installation or injected through the valve stem on existing tires in 5 easy steps:

  1. Remove the wheel weights from the wheel.
  2. Remove the valve core.
  3. Pour ABC’s balancing beads into the injection tool reservoir.
  4. Place the chuck on the valve stem, attach your air supply and slightly open the air lever while rotating the injection tool.
  5. Once the beads are completely installed, remove the air supply and chuck from the valve stem, and install the valve stem.

Please make sure you check your tire pressure before balancing it because that can affect how unbalanced your tire is. Never go above the maximum PSI on the sidewall since overinflating tires will cause them to lose grip. Avoid underinflating your tires, too, because this can also cause tire slippage.

Remember to wear safety glasses when doing this to protect yourself from any possible hazards.

For a guided video of the process, please click here.

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