Balancing beads are small granules that can be made out of many materials. They are used to balance out the interior of a tire to minimize vibrations and prevent damages and potential accidents.

However, balancing beads benefit the vehicle by improving its performance and safety and greatly enhancing your driving experience by reducing noise and vibrations. When riding on a properly balanced tire, you get better mileage and gas consumption.

Most commonly, balancing beads are inserted after dismounting the tire from your vehicle. They are placed inside the tire cavity through a balancing method. Although, other application methods exist as well.

The amount of beads needed to properly balance a tire is different depending on its size. Read on to better understand this topic and get a visual guide to know the amount of tire balancing beads required for each tire size.

How Do I Know The Number Of Beads I Need?

When looking for a tire balancing beads supplier, make sure that they have a balancing beads chart displayed on their website. Here, they’ll explain the different vehicle categories in detail while showcasing the amount of balancing beads required for each type of tire. The vehicle category will tell you the class of the vehicle and hence the number of beads it demands.

We made a list with the information a balancing beads chart should contain. This will help you to know the class your vehicle belongs to; however, an expert is the ultimate source of information to guide you and tell you the number of beads your vehicle requires to run smoothly.

Light Truck

  • Class 1: 6000 lbs or less
  • Class 2: 6001 lbs to 10,000 lbs

Delivery & Light Truck

  • Class 3: 10,001 lbs to 14,000 lbs
  • Class 4: 14,001 lbs to 16,000 lbs

Medium-Duty Truck

  • Class 5: 16,001 lbs to 19,500 lbs
  • Class 6: 19,001 lbs to 26,000 lbs

Heavy Duty Truck & Bus

  • Class 7: 26,001 lbs to 33,000 lbs
  • Class 8: 33,001 lbs to 105,000+ lbs

After having these classes differentiated, you will need to add the tire size of each different type of tire into each class, and depending on each size will be the amount of balancing beads to use.

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