Many things go into keeping your vehicle running smoothly. You check the oil level, look at the battery, and ensure enough coolant is in the tank. How often do you check your tires, though? Keeping your tires balanced and working properly will ensure that your vehicle stays in optimal condition.


If you don’t have time to visit the shop every 3 months to balance your tires, then wheel balancing beads are the product you need. In only 20-minutes, your 4 tires will be balanced and ready to hit the road. Would you like to learn more about this product? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s check it out.


Balancing Your Tires In 4 Steps

Balancing Beads are great time savers. It only takes 4 simple steps to install them and have your wheels completely balanced:

  • Remove the valve core from the valve stem to release the air from the tire
  • Pour the beads into the injection pump
  • Attach the chuck to the valve stem and make sure it’s in the right position¬†
  • Hold the injection tool vertically and open the air valve release while slowly turning the injection tool upwards.


What To Expect After Installing Balancing Beads

These are some benefits that you can expect after installing your balancing beads:

  • You’ll start to notice how your fuel economy improves gradually.
  • Your tires won’t overheat even at the highest speeds.¬†
  • You won’t be overspending on maintenance costs or vibration-related repairs.
  • You’ll notice even tread wear on your tires – all on the same side to avoid any problems while driving and extend the duration of your tire.


Common Questions About Balancing Beads

How Long Do Balancing Beads Take To Work?

Tire balancing beads are designed to work as soon as they are installed. It only takes a few rotations at high speed for them to find their balance position. Some smaller bead bags might break due to the lack of weight, so be sure to balance everything properly.


At What Speed Do Balancing Beads Work?

Every speed will vary according to the type and size of the vehicle. Balancing beads usually begin working at any speed, yet it’s important to activate them at a higher speed and on a very bumpy road on the first try. After, your tires will stay balanced at any speed, even at a stop.


Top-Quality Tire Balancing Beads For Your Vehicle

Have all your answers about balancing beads been answered? Are you ready to try them out? Go ahead and order ABC Balancing Beads! Our wheel balancing beads are specially coated with tempered glass to avoid clumping and moisture inside the wheel. Their integrated memory technology allows the entire axle end to stay balanced at all times and wheel positions.


Remember, you won’t have to remove any part from your vehicle to install our beads. In some simple steps, your vehicle will be ready to hit the road. Also, for new tires, we’ve got our beads drop-in bags, which you place inside the new tire and then attach to your vehicle.