When you think about oil spills, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a massive oil spill in an ocean oil rig and the giant catastrophe that means. But, oil spills actually happen on smaller scales as well.

Actually, an oil spill might be happening in your home right now! Yes, it might not be the environmental catastrophe you’re accustomed to. Still, you’d be surprised at how many oil spills happen due to leaks from trucks and vehicles.

Now, when it does happen, what is there to do? Well, there are many options, but the main and most effective way is to use oil absorbents.

These absorbents work by removing the spill entirely due to their components. And now, there are biodegradable absorbents that leave a virtually nonexistent environmental footprint.

But, how can you safely store your organic absorbents when tragedy hasn’t struck? Keep reading for the answer!

The Dry Way is The Right Way!

When it comes to organic absorbents, the material is usually found in a fibrous powdery form that’s best kept in dry places since humidity can spoil its absorbent properties.

It’s best stored in closed containers that are properly labeled and sealed. And while it’s not a toxic material by any means, it’s best advised to keep it separated from other substances that may or not alter its composition.

The Greener Solution

ABC is the leading biodegradable absorbent that provides a high pickup ratio without compromising the environment due to the addition of encapsulated microbes that gives the product two main advantages over its competitors.

First, being a natural product means you won’t have to worry too much about it coming into contact with other substances since it won’t cause that much of a stir. Also, this means you can let the product degrade on the spill site without worrying about environmental consequences.

Secondly, the encapsulated microbes extend the storage life of over three years if stored in a dry environment!

Superior Oil Absorbent Products

ABC absorbents offer home and business owners alike a fantastic solution for cleaning up spills that otherwise would be a nightmare to deal with! With a high pickup ratio and environmental benefits, there’s simply no better option.

If you’re dealing with oil spills, get the most efficient solution with us! Get in touch now, and let’s get cleaning!