If you notice your tires are out of balance, it’s important to address the issue. Tire imbalance is a condition where the weight of the tire is unevenly distributed around the tire-wheel circumference. The comfort of your ride and the lifespan of your tires, wheels, and suspension, greatly depend on it. 

Though there are various options on the market to balance your tires, balancing beads present the most convenient and efficient solution in comparison to weights. If you’re unsure of the benefits of balancing beads, keep reading to find out. 


Benefits of Balancing Beads

Balancing beads can provide a completely balanced axle in all-wheel positions for the life of the tire. Balancing Beads offer a variety of benefits such as:


Longer Tire Life 

Balancing beads reduce rolling resistance in the tire, which in turn, reduces wear. When a tire and complete wheel assembly is properly balanced it also ensures a more even wear, all of which increase tire life. With an increased tire life, you’ll be able to use the same tires for a longer period of time, ultimately saving you money. 


Reduced Maintenance Costs 

Heavy vibration for extended periods of time is one of the leading causes of wheel fasteners, maxi booster clamps, U-bolts, and torque rod bolts eventually working themselves loose. IT also causes cracking in the frame rails and much more; all of which can add up to expensive repair and maintenance costs. 

Balancing beads provide an alternative to costly wheel weights or balancing ring installations, they also last for the life of the tire, are easier to install, and don’t harm the environment.


Reduce Vibration 

Up and down vibrations felt through the steering wheel are not isolated; they apply to every wheel of the vehicle whether its a bus, truck, or trailer. This does not only damage the tire, it also jostles the driver, vehicle, and cargo. 

When this out of balance force is on the road, it has the same effect as slightly applying the brakes or hitting a pothole hundreds of times per minute, increasing the rolling resistance of the entire vehicle and decreasing fuel economy. Balancing beads can actually balance the complete wheel assembly in all wheel positions. 


Better Fuel Economy 

Drastic increase in fuel consumption over 88km/h is to a great extent caused by resonating suspensions with out of balanced wheel assemblies. The longer the run is at highway speeds with balanced wheel assemblies the greater the fuel savings. 


Provide Your Vehicle Fleet With The Best Balancing Technology

Whether you have a commercial vehicle, truck fleet, bus, coach, or motorcycle, ABC Balancing Beads can offer you the best solution. Thanks to our electrostatic charge memory technology, you’ll be able to drive vibration-free for the remaining life of your vehicle tires.