As an owner-operator, you are in charge of running the day-to-day operations of your truck fleet. It is important to acknowledge that nowadays, the image of a company is crucial to keep up with the competition.

For this reason, as the owner-operator of a truck fleet, tracking the environmental footprint of your company should be of high priority.

Keep reading to learn more about how to maintain the environmentally friendly image of your company using the ABC Spill Kit.

What is the ABC Spill Kit?

The ABC Spill Kit is a must-have for all fleet drivers and Owner Operators. It is a kit that helps you clean up the mess caused by an oil leak or any other substance that could harm the environment while on the road.  In areas where we have a fragile watering supply system, the threat of an oil spill that could destroy the water source is a real concern.

The ABC Spill Kit includes:

  • 5lb bag of ABC Absorbent
  • 4ft containment sock
  • Broom/dust pan
  • 2 sorbent pads
  • 2 rubber gloves
  • 2 masks
  • Biodegradable waste containment bags(garbage bags)
  • Durable carry bag (20″x10″x10″)

How Is The ABC Spill Kit Environmentally Friendly?

ABC absorbent has the capability of remediating a wide range of liquid spills in addition to oils or hydrocarbons, such as synthetic oils, fuels, coolants, paints, polymers, solvents, oils with PCB’s, cyanides, sulfides, insecticides, and herbicides

ABC absorbent is a safe, high pickup ratio sorbent material that allows for a choice of disposal by dumping the used sorbent in a landfill when the contaminant and the biodegradable sorbent will be remediated with microbes present in the sorbent.

Using the ABC spill kit is a convenient way to clean up oil spills on land that requires a fast response or in locations difficult to reach by vehicle. This is because ABC absorbent is light and compact, so it facilitates its transfer by personnel on foot.

Dramatic savings are achieved when the oil can be contained and the damage arrested at the scene of remediation.