When it comes to oil spills, we normally only hear about the massive ones that occur in the oceans. However, you’d be surprised to know how many oil spills happen as a result of leaks from trucks and vehicles.

Truck drivers deal with this issue fairly often, and that’s why they need to be prepared with a high-quality biodegradable absorbent that not only cleans up the job but also offers environmentally friendly benefits. A liquid oil spill can cause lots of damage to the environment and becomes a hazard for those around it.

Biodegradable absorbents have become the most valuable and effective product for spill remediation. Keep reading to learn more about biodegradable absorbents, why they’re practical, and which ones you should invest in.

Why Are Biodegradable Absorbents Effective?

Biodegradable absorbent materials are the ideal solution for oil spills as they remove the spill entirely and are environmentally friendly due to the natural build-up of it. They’re perfect for an accidental oil leak from a truck and require no disposal.

Biodegradable absorbents are composed of encapsulated microbes and natural nutrients that make them capable of remediating spills. Additionally, surrounding nature like water, vegetation, and wildlife won’t be harmed from the chemical spill once it’s been absorbed by the absorbent thanks to the microbes and the blend of natural nutrients in it.

ABC Absorbent, The Way To Go

When it comes to a high-quality absorbent, ABC Balancing Beads offers a unique biodegradable absorbent with over twenty-five times the absorption rate of conventional absorbents. Whether you find yourself facing a spill in the workplace, on the road, or in a landfill, you can conveniently dispose of ABC absorbent without causing any harm to the environment.

The microbes present in the absorbent can remediate the contaminant and the biodegradable sorbent, making it the most convenient way to clean up an oil spill.

Get The Best Absorbent At ABC Balancing Beads

At ABC Balancing Beads, we have a reputation for delivering only the highest possible quality of products to our customers and continue to earn the trust of companies and end-users nationally and internationally. When it comes to absorbent, ABC’s biodegradable absorbent is a safe, high pickup ratio sorbent material that allows for fast response and convenient use.