Oil leaks start from your vehicle, then drip onto the stress. However, it doesn’t just end there. It gets washed from the street into the drainage system, ending up in the local water supply such as lakes, rivers, and streams. You can only imagine the amount of damage that is done when thousands of cars leak oil without finding a way to clean up the mess.

So what’s the problem about where the oil ends up? When it reaches the water, it doesn’t simply dissolve. It stays for a long time and sticks to things like bird feathers, and is toxic to the wildlife and plants. Did you know that one quart of oil from a vehicle can pollute 250,000 gallons of water? And one gallon of gasoline can pollute up to 750,000 gallons of water.

The statistics are chilling, which is why we must be aware of what we can do to ensure we are not responsible for damage to the environment. Having an absorbent on hand at all times can ensure drivers are prepared to clean up any accidental oil spills from their vehicles. 

What are Absorbents? 

Absorbents, also known as sorbents, are materials that are efficiently used to absorb oil. Sorbents essentially take on the liquids they are placed in. Sorbents can be natural organic, natural inorganic, or synthetic human-made. They are generally all effective in absorbing oil spills; however, natural organic provide the most benefits in terms of being environmentally friendly. 

Which Absorbent Do I Pick?

When it comes to choosing the suitable material to clean up an oil spill, it’s essential to understand that materials like synthetic can cause further damage to the environment due to their disposal method. However, ABC Balancing Beads offers a unique and completely natural absorbent made up of an organic blend.

ABC absorbent offers an absorption rate twenty times higher than that of other absorbent materials and is a perfect option for oil spills requiring a fast response. The best part is, ABC’s absorbent is capable of working on a variety of spills such as oils, hydrocarbons, synthetic oils, and so much more.

Choose ABC, Choose The Environment

When you choose ABC Balancing Beads, you are choosing to invest in an absorbent that will protect the environment and clean up potentially harmful spills. ABC Balancing Beads is dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable options which are environmentally friendly.