Just like we may need sponges, scrub brushes, and a disinfectant to clean up a mess in our house or yard, similar tools are required to remove oil and chemical spills from vehicle fleets. There are various methods of cleaning up an accidental oil spill, though of course, you’d want to ensure whichever way you choose does not cause additional harm to the environment.

Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to clean up an oil spill, you’ll want to read through our list of ways you can do so. 

Dealing With an Oil Spill 

When an oil spill occurs, the oil forms a millimeter-thick slick that floats on the water. The oil eventually spreads out, thinning as it dies, until it becomes a widespread sheen. Clean up methods that are not environmentally friendly can produce toxic fumes and end up doing more harm than good. 

Oil spills are generally very messy, hazardous, and environmentally threatening. Here are a few ways to deal with an oil spill. 

Absorb the Oil With Litter 

One of the cheapest and effective ways to absorb the oil is to spread simple, inexpensive clay kitty litter across the surface of the oil spill Over the course of a day, the kitty litter will absorb the excessive oil. 

Scrub With an Alkaline Degreaser 

The concrete cleaner is essentially a powerful soap available from concrete distribution outlets. Dilute it with water and apply over the stain, scrub and leave it for several hours. 

Treat With an Enzymatic or Microbial Cleaner

One of the newest ways to deal with an oil spill is to break it down with an enzyme or microbe. These can be very effective if you find one formulated for your specific oil product. To clean up the spill, simply pour the cleaner onto the oil and let it sit to reduce the residue. 

ABC Absorbent 

ABC Balancing Beads is pleased to offer an absorbent made up of an organic blend that is safe for the environment with over twenty times the absorption rate of conventional absorbents. The addition of oil and hydrocarbon digesting microbes allows for the disposal of the used sorbent contaminated with oil into the environment. 

ABC Absorbent has the capability of remediating a wide range of liquid spills other than oils or hydrocarbons, such as synthetic oils, fuels, coolants, paints, polymers, solvents, oils with PCBs, and herbicides. 

Oil spills on land that require a fast response or in locations difficult to reach by vehicle, the absorbent should be as light and compact as possible to facilitate transfer by personnel on foot. That requires a sorbent with a high pickup-to-weight ratio plus a high oil containment capability. 

Environmentally Friendly Absorbent 

At ABC Balancing Beads, our mission is to bring great value and provide environmentally friendly solutions. If you find yourself facing an accidental oil spill, whether it be in the workplace or on land, it’s important to have a safe, high pick-up ratio sorbent material that allows for a quick and easy cleanup.