Tire balancing is all about how your car distributes its weight. Ideally, your tires would bear the weight evenly, but sometimes certain tires can hold too much weight as others bear less. This causes uneven wear on your tires and translates to money lost repairing your car.

If you’re curious about what unbalanced tires can do to your car when you drive them, read through these risks you may run into.

Uneven Tread Wear

If your tires have proper air pressure, driving on them should wear them relatively evenly. When you have unbalanced tires, you experience uneven tread wear that shortens their lifespan. This increases your risk of an unpredictable tire blowout and an unexpected tire change on the side of the road.

Vibration When Driving

Driving in a car that has a wheel imbalance is also uncomfortable due to its excessive vibration. This vibration makes it harder to control your vehicle when steering, especially on already-rough surfaces. This makes it challenging to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Fuel Cost Increase

Another thing unbalanced tires can do to your car is taxed your engine and lower your fuel efficiency. If you notice you’re filling up your car more often, many professionals advise having your tire balance assessed to avoid spending unnecessary money on extra gas.

Long-Term Consequences

There are serious long-term consequences of driving with unbalanced tires. For example, unbalanced tires stress your shock absorbers and wheel bearings, causing them to deteriorate quicker. If your shock absorbers are in bad shape, your car won’t be able to manage excessive jarring, and you’ll have an overall bumpier driving experience.

When your wheel bearings wear, you risk your wheel getting worse significantly faster. To avoid these consequences, it’s essential to keep in mind the symptoms that might indicate unbalanced tires and take immediate action.

ABC Balancing Beads, A Unique Solution

Now that you know the risks that come with driving a vehicle with unbalanced wheels, you’ll want to know the best solution out there. At ABC Balancing Beads, we offer the best method of balancing complete wheel assemblies in the marketplace today.

The memory technology created between our glass beads and the rubber stabilizes the beads in place of the out of balance vibration, providing an utterly balanced axle end in all-wheel positions, not just the highway speeds for the life of the tire.

ABC Balancing Beads will help you save time and money with improved fuel economy, even tread-wear, cooler running tire temperatures, and balance for the tire’s life. Our mission is to bring the most outstanding value and the world into balance.