Fuel consumption is one of the main operating costs in semi-trucks, among tires and maintenance. The more these costs can be lowered, with reasonable options, the more efficiently a semi-truck fleet can operate.

The fuel itself can vary in a company’s fixed costs, depending on the market’s fuel costs variations. However, when it comes to fuel economy, semi-truck and other heavy vehicles can be highly benefited by balancing their tires.

Balancing beads are proven to address driver ride complaints, reduce vehicle vibration, and minimize premature and irregular wear. They also have a positive impact on fuel economy.

The Best Balancing Technology For Fuel Economy

ABC’s memory technology allows the beads to stabilize in place, whether the truck is at a low-speed run, or at a complete stop. Thanks to their electrostatic charge, these beads remain stabilized in place, however they will react to a sudden change or progressive change in the state of tire balance.

That unique balancing technology method provides a completely balanced axle, and not just at highway speeds.

Tips For Maximum Fuel Economy   

The application of these balancing beads in all wheel positions will decrease your semi truck’s fuel consumption. Still, there are other things you can take into consideration to enhance fuel economy.

  • Don’t push the speed. Moderate speeds is a way of reducing fuel consumption.
  • Check the air in each tire and make sure they are inflated to the proper PSI.
  • Avoid rapid acceleration when you’re ready to get going.
  • Check for blown turbo or manifold gaskets that could be wasting away your fuel.

ABC Balancing Beads 

With ABC Balancing Beads, you’ll experience the real meaning of low fuel consumption. 

Furthermore, the benefits of our balancing beads include reducing maintenance costs on vibration related repairs and extending tire life. The uniqueness of our balancing beads’ memory technology has many benefits over other methods of balancing  in the marketplace today.