What can absorb spilled oil? You’re not the only one to ask yourself this question. Spilled oil and other chemicals used in vehicles create hard-to-remove stains and can also cause environmental pollution. Truck drivers deal with this issue more often than they should. However, accidents happen, and drivers should always be prepared. 

Liquid chemical spills do more than leaving an awful stain on the floor, garage, road, or anywhere the vehicle parks. Natural sources of water can get polluted due to chemical spills and cause harm in the surrounding environment. Due to this and countless other reasons, biodegradable absorbents have become the most useful product for spill remediation.

Why Are Organic Absorbent Materials An Effective Solution?

Organic absorbent materials are the ideal solution for spill removal since they remove the chemical liquid entirely and are environmentally friendly due to their natural components. Therefore, they’re suitable for on-the-road spills since leaving them behind causes no harm to the environment. 

Biodegradable absorbents are composed of encapsulated microbes and natural nutrients that remediate spills. This is highly beneficial for drivers that usually experience roadside oil spills since they can apply the absorbent and abandon it. 

Natural sources of water, vegetation, and wildlife won’t be harmed by a chemical spill left behind, thanks to the microbes and the blend of natural nutrients. Liquid pills such as:

  • Oils
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Synthetic oils
  • Fuels
  • Coolants
  • Paints
  • Polymers
  • Solvents
  • Sulfides
  • And much more

ABC Absorbent In Oregon

At ABC Balancing Beads in Oregon, we have a unique biodegradable absorbent with over twenty-five times the absorption rate of conventional absorbents. Ideal for roadside oil spills and other liquid chemicals, our ABC Absorbent will remediate those disastrous, accidental spills. It’s a responsible way of taking care of our planet while helping fleet drivers solve such regular events.

Whether on the workplace, road, or landfill, users can dispose of our absorbent without affecting the environment. The microbes present in the absorbent will be the ones in charge of remediating the contaminant and the biodegradable sorbent. 

Our ABC Spill Kit is the perfect solution for fleet drivers and owner-operators. As opposed to other high-cost spill cleaning methods, our ABC Absorbent does deliver results, takes care of the environment, and is affordable.