When building a house, the most fundamental part of the building is its foundation; furthermore, what keeps it standing are its pillars. In terms of the trucking industry, the houses take the form of industrial trucks, tractors, trailers, and so on. These heavy load transportation machines’ most fundamental parts are their wheels. To keep your truck moving steadily, you’ll need wheel balancing.

Why Is Wheel Balancing Important?

Wheel balancing is the process of distributing weight equally in a wheel assembly with the tire mounted. Just like when the pillars of a house are not properly fixed and collapse during an earthquake, if the weight of the vehicle is not properly balanced, it can cause tragic, costly, and terrible consequences.

When it comes to balancing the wheels of your truck, ABC Balancing Beads understands that the tire represents only a certain percentage of the dynamic rotating mass.

Other companies may only balance half the axle, meaning the tire and the wheel. At ABC Balancing Beads, we make sure that the complete axle is balanced properly.

 A complete axle-end includes:

  • The tire
  • The wheel
  • The moving components of the wheel assembly 
  • For the life of the tire

Until recently, some off-the-road (OTR) tire manufacturers would state their tires do not require balancing upon installation, and we wrongly assume the entire axle-end to be in balance. At ABC Balancing Beads, we make sure that the complete axle is balanced properly.

When an axle-end is dynamically balanced, tire life can be doubled because it is the tire that receives most of the punishment.

Wheel Balancing: The Benefits

Wheel balancing experts at  ABC Balancing Beads state that out-of-balance wheel assemblies can contribute to poor tire mileage and irregular tire wear.

ABC’s balancing beads technology balances the complete axle end in all-wheel positions, reducing rolling resistance and providing cooler running tire temperatures.

Our balancing beads incorporate electrostatics, and have memory technology to respond and correct either a sudden or progressive change in the state of the balance condition, extending the life of the tire.

There are also other benefits that will favorably affect your fleet’s operating budget! Balancing the wheels of your vehicle with our balancing beads will reduce maintenance costs on maintenance-related repairs, as well as improving fuel efficiency of your trucks, tractors, and trailers!