You’ve seen how people put balance beads in their car’s tires when they start to get wobbly? They feel the ride is still a bit shaky, and it could do with some extra help.

You’ve probably seen it done before on numerous occasions from different people with different vehicles adding balancing beads in different amounts and different tire sizes.

But even after all that, people still wonder why their tires are still rocking back and forth along the road every time they go over a speed bump or a pothole.

We will go over some possible reasons why your tires still shake even after having applied balancing beads. Keep reading.

You Did Use The Right Amount… Right?

It is common, especially when trying to balance your vehicle’s tires yourself, that you might be using the wrong amount of balancing beads required for your vehicle tires, depending on their size.

Using the correct amount for balancing beads for your tire will ensure they are properly balanced, reduce vibrations on the road, and even expand the life of your tires. However, if the wrong amount was applied, it is just logical to still feel a vibration while riding on your vehicle.

In our Application Chart, you will get a better idea of how many balancing beads to use depending on the size of your tire.

Did You Apply Them Correctly?

Another reason why your tires might be still rocking back and forth might be because you’ve applied the beads in the wrong way. If you don’t apply beads correctly, there’s a chance they lose their spherical shape and become flat, affecting their efficiency to properly balance the tire.

There is more than one application method for balancing beads. Some are more efficient than others. The most common method is dropping a bag of balancing beads inside the tire. Another more efficient method is to apply the balancing beads directly into the tire through the valve stem.

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