When it comes to oil spills, there can be a detrimental impact on our ecosystem. When you’re on the road and find yourself facing an accidental oil spill, it’s essential to be prepared. However, you want to ensure you are using products that will resolve the problem and not cause additional damage to the environment.

Having an absorbent in your vehicle or with your fleet can be highly beneficial in dealing with oil spills. However, there are different kinds of absorbents, some good, others not-so-good. Keep reading to learn more about the categories of oil absorbents and which one is the way to go.

Three Categories of Absorbents 

When it comes to the variety of absorbents available in the market, it’s easy to get confused. Let’s narrow it down to the three basic categories of absorbents. 

1. Natural Organic Absorbents

Natural organic absorbents are precisely as they sound. Organic absorbents can be made of peat moss, straw, hay, and so much more. What makes them unique is that they can absorb three to fifteen times their weight in oil, and they do not cause any additional damage to the environment. 

2. Natural Inorganic Absorbents

Inorganic absorbents can be made up of materials like clay, perlite, and sand. 

3. Synthetic Absorbents 

When it comes to synthetic materials as absorbents, these are generally human-made. They are similar to plastic or rubber materials like polyurethane, polyethylene, and polypropylene. They are designed to be able to absorb liquids onto their surfaces. 

ABC Absorbent – A Unique and Powerful Option

When it comes to picking an absorbent, it’s crucial to assess the pros and cons of each. When you choose a natural and organic absorbent, you can rest assured that you’re choosing an option that’s safe for the environment, those around you, and the surrounding ecosystem.

The options may seem endless; however, ABC Balancing Beads provides an entirely organic blend of absorbents with a pickup ratio of twenty times more than other absorbent materials. What makes it so unique is that it contains hydrocarbon digesting microbes for bioremediation, and it provides environmental benefits when applied as the ingredients are all biodegradable.

Additionally, ABC Absorbent can be abandoned and left to remediate the spill without disposing of any materials. This is due to the ingredients being oil and hydrocarbon digesting microbes that can be left to decompose. 

Be Prepared With ABC Balancing Beads 

Oil spills can be unexpected, but you don’t want to be the person who leaves such a problem behind that it can potentially cause harm to the environment. A reliable, environmentally-friendly oil spill kit from ABC Balancing Beads is the best way to be prepared if you find yourself facing an accidental spill.

The ABC spill kit includes everything you need, such as absorbent, containment sock, cleaning supplies, gloves, masks, and bags. You can’t go wrong.