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The best method of balancing complete wheel assemblies in the marketplace today.

Balanced for the life of your tire.

The memory technology (electrostatic charge) created between our glass beads and the rubber stabilize the beads in place of the out of balance vibration providing a completely balanced axle end (Tire, Wheel and moving parts of the wheel assembly) in all wheel positions, not just highway speeds for the life of the tire.

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ABC Absorbent
100% Organic – Eco Friendly
100% Biodegradable

What customers are saying about ABC…”Easy as 1,2,3″


Need to know…

An explanation of the cause and effects of an out of balance wheel end…and the solution to the problem.

Easy as 1,2,3



¬†ABC Balancing Beads saves you time and money with many benefits…


Improved fuel economy


Extended tire life


Even tread-wear


Cooler running tire temperatures


Balanced for the life of the tire

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