Internal Balancing Method For Fleets


Balancing Beads For Your Fleet

Tire and wheel manufacturers recommend balancing. It is up to the equipment user to determine what is best for the fleet. TMC – RP 214

Tire/Wheel assembly balancing has traditionally been used to address driver ride complaints, reduce vehicle vibration, and to minimize premature and irregular wear.
More recently, data has shown that balanced tire/wheel assemblies can have a significant, positive effect on fuel economy especially in high-speed line haul applications.

More and more Fleets are considering balancing tires not only as a ride complaint solution, but also as an opportunity to improve fuel economy and to maximize tread life through the reduction of irregular wear.Different axles may contribute differently to fuel economy and tread wear in various operations.

To get maximum benefit from balancing tires for improved tread wear and fuel economy,fleets with line haul operations should start with balancing the trailer tires first, then drive tires, and finally steer tires since their contribution to fuel economy and tread wear are the greatest in that order.

All fleet companies have 3 chief operating expenses: fuel, tires, and maintenance. ABC Balancing Beads has a positive effect is each of these key operating costs.

Fuel Savings

ABC Balancing Beads provides a completely balanced wheel assembly in all wheel positions, not just at hiway speeds. The memory technology of the tempered glass beads inside the tire provides a reduction in rolling resistance and has a proven 2.2% savings in fuel economy.

Reduced Maintenance costs

ABC Balancing Beads adjust to compensate for either a sudden change or progressive change in the state of tire balance by migrating to the balance position.

A balanced axel end reduces maintence costs due to vibration related repairs.

Extended Tire Life

A completely balanced wheel end provides a smooth ride and cooler running tire temperatures. These factors are key in promoting even tread-wear and extended tire life. 

ABC Balancing Beads Injection Tool

Install through the valve Stem in minutes

Now you can install our balancing beads into a tire though the valve stem in 5 easy steps without having to dismount the tire and wheel from a vehicle.