Installation and Maintenance Tips for Pigtail Safety Shims

Driving a truck or a trailer requires the utmost safety precautions; this includes having fully-functioning lights to alert other drivers and allow you to see what’s ahead. One way to ensure your lights are working as intended is by installing power plug safety shims.

These devices are made of a polypropylene blend with additives to increase durability and make them resistant to extreme temperatures. They fill the gap between the pigtail plug and your pigtail receptacle, thus providing a stronger, more secure electrical connection that allows your lights to work correctly. If you want your pigtail safety shim to perform optimally and last longer, here are some instructions for installation and maintenance. Read on!

Pigtail Plug Safety Shims

5 Steps For Installing And Maintaining Power  Plug Safety Shims

1. Sleeve It Over The Pigtail Plug

After disconnecting the plug from the receptacle, slide the pigtail safety shim over it. The shim should go past the plug’s tip, approximately three-quarters of an inch.

2. Ensure It Goes Inside The Mouth Of The Receptacle Opening

Plug the device back in, ensuring the shim goes inside the mouth of the receptacle opening; this is what creates a tight seal and secure connection. If it doesn’t go in easily, don’t force it. 

3. Make Sure The Anchor Crosses Over

The receptacle’s anchor is what keeps it covered when it’s unplugged. After plugging in the shimmed plug, confirm that the anchor crosses over without issue.

4. Push The Shim Forward If Needed

If you notice gaps between the shim and receptacle mouth, gently push the shim forward. Do it until they’re snug against each other.

5. Inspect Regularly And Replace When Damaged

Pigtail safety shims are very durable but still require occasional inspections. Look for any tears, cracks, or other damage and replace them when needed to maintain reliable light functioning.

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If you’re a cargo driver, safety is an essential issue for you. But lights that keep going on and off can be unsafe and lead to accidents or fines. It’s only natural to feel frustrated with this problem. At ABC Balancing Beads, we understand your concern. We’re committed to providing high-quality Pigtail Plug Safety Shims that will help you drive confidently. Our many years of experience have equipped us with the knowledge to find the perfect solution for your lighting needs. Contact us!