What Is The Best Flickering Lights Solution For Your Trailer

Imagine you’re on the road, taking a long haul with your trailer, when suddenly you notice your trailer lights flickering. You try to ignore it, but it’s only a matter of time before they go out entirely. This can be very dangerous, especially when driving through areas with little or no light. Not only will it create a hazard for you and other drivers, but it’s also a severe violation of traffic laws.


Instead of running the risk of a costly ticket or worse, you should find a way to prevent flickering lights in the first place. Here, we’ll discuss potential solutions to this problem and determine which is best for your trailer. Read on!

Pigtail Plug Safety Shims

Unreliable Solutions That You Should Avoid

The Pigtail Wedge

Some trailer owners opt to use a pigtail wedge, a small DIY device placed between the pigtail and the receptacle. While it may seem like a straightforward way to increase the contact pressure, this solution is short-lived and can fall out at any time. Moreover, the product hasn’t been professionally tested or approved and therefore can’t guarantee safety.

Spreading Prongs With A Screwdriver

Another DIY option is to use a screwdriver to spread the prongs slightly. Again, this is an unprofessional solution that could lead to further damage. You may accidentally bend or break the prongs, only worsening the problem.

The Pigtail Plug Safety Shim And Its Benefits

The Pigtail Plug Safety Shim is designed to lock pigtails firmly, ensuring a solid, reliable power connection for proper trailer lights, signals, and ABS System functions. It’s made by experts using high-quality materials and has many advantages over the other options. Some of the most notable include the following:


  • Ease Of Use: Installing a power plug safety shim takes as little as 5 minutes and requires no special tools.
  • Durability: This safety shim can withstand extreme temperatures and lasts much longer than any DIY alternative.
  • Versatility: The safety shim fits almost any trailer plug and socket, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.


Contact ABC Balancing Beads And Get Your Power Plug Safety Shim

If you have to make long trips with your trailer, your main goal is to ensure everything goes smoothly. The problem is that flickering trailer lights can occur when you least expect it, and most DIY solutions are unreliable. Being in this situation can make you feel anxious and helpless. After all, reaching your destination safely shouldn’t be a matter of luck.

At ABC Balancing Beads, we understand the importance of driving safely and the frustration caused by flickering trailer lights. We’re an experienced company committed to helping people like you avoid problems on the road. Our reliable Pigtail Plug Safety Shims guarantee you’ll always have functioning trailer lights. Get yours today!