Balancing Beads For Truck Fleets

At ABC Balancing Beads, we have exactly what you need if you’re looking for the most significant technology on tire balancing for your commercial truck fleet.

Tire balancing beads have turned out to be an excellent solution for fleet managers  to improve their tires’ performance. The stability that balancing beads provide makes a highway ride safer for the driver.

Our ABC balancing beads work as a unique internal balancing method that keeps drivers’ ride-vibration-free. Moreover, we have the added value that our balancing beads can be installed into the tire through a unique and specialized method.


Our ABC Balancing Beads Benefits

Our tempered glass beads are specially coated to repel moisture and avoid clumping. Moisture is often introduced when the tires are filled and refilled on the road. Humidity won’t stop beads  from fulfilling their function.

Our ABC balancing beads deliver great results due to their incomparable benefits:

Even Tread Wear

It is common for the tread of the tire to wear due to normal operational use. Our balance beads will prevent your tread from wearing in an uneven way and prevent cupping thanks to a memory technology that keeps our beads stabilized and in place, even when at a stop. 

Extended Tire Life 

With the help of our balancing beads, your fleet truck and trailer’s tires wheel end will be fully balanced, ensuring an extended life for each tire. Wheel end is defined as the tire, the wheel and the moving components of the wheel assembly ie: brake drum, hub, etc… Our beads will safeguard your wheels by rotating properly, avoiding vehicle vibration.

Cooler Running Tire Temperatures

Heat can cause severe tire damages. As a vehicle is running, the air pressure in tires increases as the temperature rises. Therefore, extra pounds of air pressure can cause tires to over-inflate, expand, and eventually blow out. Our balancing beads will allow your tires to keep cooler while on the run.

Heat is a major factor in the premature/expedited wear of the tire tread. Many factors contribute to extending tire life starting with a completely balanced axle end. A completely balanced wheel assembly provides a reduction in rolling resistance, therefore cooler running tire temps. Other factors such as tire pressure and low skirted power units can cause irregular tire wear due to heat. Skirted units have only one way for the heat of the motor and transmission to escape, and that’s to the back of the vehicle between the dual drive tires causing premature wear of the inner duals. 

How Can Our Balancing Beads Application Save You Time? 

The standard method of applying common balancing wheel weights is troublesome and time-consuming, and only balances half of the axle end. The dismounting of a tire and wheel for the purpose of rebalancing is a labor intensive process that can take up to 25 minutes to an hour per tire. Often requiring a second set of hands when mounting to the balance machine to stay OSHA compliant.

With ABC Balancing Beads, you save time, labour, and money. Our installation procedure takes an average of  five minutes per tire. This is thanks to our valve stem installation method, which doesn’t require the removal of the tire and wheel from the vehicle.

ABC Balancing Beads is a simple way to balance your complete wheel assembly for maximum tire life. ABC’s easy to use drop in bag saves time and money on new tire installations and can be injected through the valve stem to correct an out of balance condition without having to remove the tire and wheel from the vehicle in minutes.


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