Internal Balancing Method For Coach Buses


The coach bus industry is booming, with the number of coach buses on the road soaring in recent years. With coach buses becoming more commonplace, it’s important to ensure your fleet is properly balanced and not at risk for tire failure.

ABC Balancing Beads offers a unique solution for coach bus fleets that balance tires mounted on coach buses. This means you can balance all tires of all coach buses in just one sitting!

Internal Tire Balancing Technology

ABC Balancing Beads offers a one-of-a-kind balancing bead technology. Our balancing beads vary from other conventional balancing beads in that their electrostatic charge keeps the beads in position and stable inside the tire at all times.

  • For the tire’s life, they will guarantee a perfectly balanced axle and all-wheel assembly components. Their method is more effective than others. In comparison to weights, balancing beads are the most convenient option.
  • ABC’s balancing beads don’t reflow. Their memory technology stabilizes the beads in place from when they are set in the balanced position, keeping all the tires of your fleet balanced. You will only receive high-quality outcomes.

All fleet companies have 3 chief operating expenses: fuel, tires, and maintenance. ABC Balancing Beads has a positive effect is each of these key operating costs.

Fuel Savings

ABC Balancing Beads provides a completely balanced wheel assembly in all wheel positions, not just at hiway speeds. The memory technology of the tempered glass beads inside the tire provides a reduction in rolling resistance and has a proven 2.2% savings in fuel economy.

Reduced Maintenance costs

ABC Balancing Beads adjust to compensate for either a sudden change or progressive change in the state of tire balance by migrating to the balance position.

A balanced axel end reduces maintence costs due to vibration related repairs.

Extended Tire Life

A completely balanced wheel end provides a smooth ride and cooler running tire temperatures. These factors are key in promoting even tread-wear and extended tire life.

ABC Balancing Beads Injection Tool

The injection method offered by ABC Balancing Beads helps to balance the tires of your coach buses before this causes any problems, saving money and time in the process.

With less involvement from yourself, our glass balancing beads can take care of heavy lifting wherever they go – helping to reduce the chances of accidents due to unstable tires. It’s never been easier than this before, so don’t waste another minute.

ABC balancing beads for coach buses give convenience in any situation by always remaining in place inside the tire, providing constant balance no matter what.

  • Stop for gas? Balanced.
  • Get pulled over by the highway patrolman? Balanced.
  • Wait forever in that long line of cars? You guessed it!

Our balancing beads will keep everything under control and in check while saving you time and money on replacing tires.

Balance All Tires of Your Fleet of Coach Buses Faster

When balancing the tires of a large fleet of coach buses, time is a factor because the standard technique requires removing each tire from each coach bus.

Meanwhile, ABC Balancing Beads offers an injection approach that balances each tire while the coach bus is still on the road. So, don’t wait any longer to make proper management!

Install through the valve Stem in minutes

Now you can install our balancing beads into a tire though the valve stem in 5 easy steps without having to dismount the tire and wheel from a vehicle.