How Long Can You Drive On Unbalanced Tires?

Do you know what puts your safety and your fleet operation’s success at risk? Unbalanced tires. When hitting the road with unbalanced tires, not only are you risking a bumpy ride but also decreasing the lengthening of tire life and actual fuel efficiency, which can cost you in more ways than one. 

Here, we explore how long you can realistically expect to drive with unbalanced tires before incurring permanent damage. Plus, we’ll go through the consequences of driving with an unbalanced wheel. Check it out!

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Here’s What You Should Know About Unbalanced Tires

How Long Can You Drive On Unbalanced Tires?

According to auto professionals, you can continue using tires that are out of balance for several months. The recommended average is 2 to 3 months if safety is your main priority.

Things That Will Happen If You Keep Driving With Unbalanced Tires

  1. Wear And Tear: Unbalanced tires will wear and tear your car’s suspension system, reducing its lifespan and causing you to spend thousands of dollars replacing it or other components.

  1. Vibrations: You’ll experience a great amount of vibration that can make driving uncomfortable, distracting, and even dangerous if you’re not paying close attention to the road.

  1. Low Fuel Economy: Unbalanced tires can greatly decrease your car’s fuel economy, meaning you will spend more on gasoline each time you fill up.

How To Balance Your Wheels

If you want to avoid all these negative effects, it is important that you properly balance your tires. Tire balancing beads are an easy, cost-effective solution that can help you balance your tires in the comfort of your garage.

These are the steps to easily install balancing beads without having to remove the tire from the vehicle:

  • Place the car jack underneath the front axle to take the pressure off the steer tires.
  • Remove the valve core from the valve stem to release the air from the tire
  • Pour the tire balancing beads into the injection pump
  • Attach the chuck to the valve stem and make sure it’s in the right position 
  • Hold the injection tool vertically and open the air valve release from 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock while slowly turning the injection tool upwards.

The ABC Way To Balancing Your Tires

With over a thousand happy customers, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about car maintenance and fixing common road issues. Our ABC Balancing Beads have saved our customers time and money by allowing them to balance their tires quicker and for a longer time. These are specially coated with tempered glass to avoid clumping inside the tire. Their integrated memory technology balances the entire axle at any speed and direction.