What To Do If The Trailers Lights Aren’t Working Properly?

Having working trailer lights is essential for safety on the road. Not only could flickering or non-working trailer lights lead to a ticket, but it can also be dangerous for other drivers and yourself if they can’t see your vehicle. Before starting your trip, there are a few things you can do to guarantee the proper functioning of your trailer lights. Keep reading to learn more.

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3 Tips For Proper Trailer Light Functioning

1. Check The Pigtail Plug

The pigtail is the electrical cord that connects your trailer to your vehicle. Inspect it to see if there are any frayed or worn-out wires. Ensure there are no loose connections and the pigtail plug is firmly locked into the vehicle slot. This way, you can avoid any electrical problems that might cause the trailer lights to malfunction.

2. Clean The Prongs On The Trailer Connection

Over time, the trailer connections’ prongs can get dirty or corroded, leading to poor electrical connectivity. To avoid this, clean the prongs thoroughly with sandpaper or a wire brush. Remove any dirt, rust build-up, or other debris obstructing the connection.

3. Check The Fuse Box

Most modern vehicles have a fuse box under the dashboard or the hood. Use the owner’s manual to identify where the fuses for the trailer lights are located. If the fuses are burned or broken, your trailer lights won’t work. Have them replaced or fixed before embarking on your journey.

Pigtail Plug Safety Shims Can Be The Solution

Sometimes, no matter how much you inspect and clean the pigtail or check the fuse box, your trailer lights will keep flickering. In these cases, Power Plug Safety Shims are the ideal solution! These shims promote consistent and even current flow between the trailer and the vehicle by pressing the plug more firmly into place.

Power Plug Safety Shims are easy to install, requiring no special tools. They also last thousands of miles and help extend the life of your trailer’s plug and receptacle. Contact us to find a dealer near you to purchase the best quality safety shims for your fleet.


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As a responsible driver, you want to guarantee that your trailer lights are in perfect condition. After all, they’re essential for a safe and successful journey. The problem is that even after doing all the necessary checks and maintenance, problems can still arise. It’s only natural to feel worried or powerless regarding these matters.

At ABC Balancing Beads, we understand the importance of well-functioning trailer lights and have invested in an innovative solution for drivers’ safety. With our Pigtail Plug Safety Shims, you can be confident that lights won’t flicker during travel, minimizing the risk of accidents. We have the experience and expertise to help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle. Contact us today!