Maximizing the Life of Your Trailer Tires

If you’re driving long-distance, you deserve a strong, stable vehicle that resists the drive. Your vehicle’s stability depends on having balanced tires at all times. The problem is that tires can easily go out of balance due to bumpy roads or high speeds. This can make you feel distracted and uncomfortable, especially while driving for hours.

Constantly checking and balancing your tires is key for smooth rides. In this blog, we’ll go over what tire balancing is and why you should ask about wheel balancing beads on your next visit to the shop.

Tire Tread Close Up

What Is Tire Balancing?

Tire balancing is a process that helps reduce the vibration of your tires as you drive. It’s all about correcting the imbalance in the weight distribution of your tire and wheel assembly. Without balanced tires, vibrations can become amplified when driving at high speeds and make for an uncomfortable ride.

How Is Tire Balancing Traditionally Done?

Tire balancing is traditionally done by using a tire-balancing machine. This machine measures the weight, or imbalance, of each tire and wheel assembly. It then adds the needed weight to balance out the tires and wheels, so they’re evenly distributed.

Why Is Tire Balancing Important To Your Trailers?

Balanced tires have a huge impact on your trailer’s performance. Here’s how an internal balancing method can make your tires can make your ride easier and more pleasant:

  • It will save you from an unsafe drive
  • You can drive your trailer smoothly
  • It will protect your trailer’s tires from disengaging
  • It removes the vibration from the steering wheel
  • It brings comfort and stability while driving

When Is It Time To Check Your Tire’s Balance?

There are visible signs of imbalanced tires. If your steering wheel vibrates considerably while traveling at a certain speed, the front tires are likely out of balance. Similarly, if you notice a vibration in the driver’s seat, it could point toward misaligned rear tires.

Now that you’ve installed new tires on your car, it’s the ideal opportunity to test their balance. The rubber will gradually wear with each journey due to friction from different road surfaces and elevations. An internal balancing method is strongly recommended if your vehicle has been driven for over 10 000 km or below this distance.

Drive Safe & Smooth With ABC Balancing Beads

Bumpy rides and vibrations can make your drives a living nightmare. With ABC Balancing Beads, you can be sure that your tires won’t give you any balance and directions issues. Our tempered glass wheel balancing beads keep your tire’s whole axle end balanced at any direction and speed. 

With our balancing beads’ integrated memory technology for tires, you can now get through long drives safely and smoothly. Send us your request via message, wait for our response, and order your beads.