Pigtail Plug Safety Shims 101: Keeping Tail Lights Secured

As a truck driver, you know the importance of maintaining your vehicle. Did you know that your taillights are just as important as your headlights and brake lights? Failing to maintain your taillights properly could lead to a traffic citation – or worse, traffic accidents. 

One way to keep your tail lights secured and working optimally is by using Pigtail Plug Safety Shims. This firmly holds the plug in the receptacle, ensuring tail lights stay on at all times. In this blog, we’ll go through safety shims and how they work.

Pigtail Plug Safety Shims 101: Keeping Tail Lights Secured | ABC

What Can Cause Your Tail Lights To Malfunction?

Your tail lights are constantly exposed to the elements, which can cause them to malfunction over time. Here are some common causes of tail light problems:

  • Vibrations.
  • Trailer traveling empty.
  • Corrosion.
  • Frequency in drop and hooking.
  • Multiple trailer/dolly sway.
  • Pigtail cord causes the wobble/wallering from constant bouncing.

What Are Pigtail Safety Shims?

You can safeguard your tail lights by using Pigtail Plug Safety Shims. They provide a tight hold on the plug so it remains in the receptacle and creates a waterproof seal to keep moisture out. You can use them whenever you need extra security for your tail light functionality- especially when driving on poorly lit roads.

What Do The Shims Do For Your Vehicle?

Once you install the plugs, here’s how they work for your vehicle:

  • Holds plug firmly in place.
  • No wobbling.
  • Ensures lights stay in place.
  • Maximize the life of the plug and receptacle.
  • Protect your tail lights from other elements of the road.
  • It saves time and money.
  • Safety and visibility.

How To Install Power Plug Safety Shims?

Installing pigtail safety shims is a quick and easy process. You can do it in four steps:

  1. Unscrew the old plug from the receptacle.

  1. Insert the shim into the receptacle.

  1. Screw in the new plug.

  1. Repeat for all plugs on the vehicle.

Pigtail safety shims are an affordable and easy way to keep your tail lights secured and functioning properly. By following the steps above, you can extend the life of your tail lights and avoid costly repairs or replacements down the road.

Invest In Your Safety With Power Plug Safety Shims From ABC Balancing Beads

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