Which Is The Best Balancing Method?: Balancing Beads

A lot of things go into maintaining a car, from making sure the oil is changed to keeping the tires in good shape. While most people know about changing the oil and checking the fluid levels, not as many people are familiar with how to properly balance their tires. 

There are different balancing methods, yet the most unique and simple one is balancing through balancing beads. In this blog post, we’ll discuss all you need to know about balancing beads for tires. Forget about the traditional balancing method and learn all about this innovative solution!

Can You Use Traditional Balancing Weights On a Tire With Balancing Beads? | ABC

What Are Balancing Beads?

Balancing beads are small ceramic, glass, or metal beads inserted into the tire to balance them as they rotate. They are also known as “dynamic balancing” because they work while the tire is in motion.

How Do Balancing Beads Work?

As a tire rotates, the heavier part of the tire causes it to vibrate. These vibrations can cause uneven tire wear and even affect the vehicle’s overall handling. Balancing beads work to counterbalance these vibrations by evenly distributing weight within the tire.

Why Are Balancing Beads Better Than Traditional Methods?

They’re Unnoticeable

Traditional methods of balancing a tire involve attaching weights to the outside of the rim, which can be time-consuming and unsightly. Balancing beads are inserted within the tire, making them invisible to the naked eye and eliminating the need for external weights.

Keeps Tires Balanced For A Longer Time

The beads also have the added benefit of moving around within the tire as it rotates, continuously balancing it. This means they may not need to be re-balanced as often as traditional methods.

They Improve Gas Efficiency

In addition, balancing beads are more cost-effective and can even improve gas mileage! So, are balancing beads the best method for balancing tires? We believe so. Not only are they easy to use and cost-effective, but they also provide continuous and invisible balancing for your tires.

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