Can You Use Traditional Balancing Weights On a Tire With Balancing Beads?

How often do you check your tires? Is it once a month, twice a year, or whenever you remember? Ideally, tire balance should be checked at least every 5,000 km. Unbalanced tires can make every drive a nightmare. You’ll start feeling the vibration on your steering wheel, and your vehicle will become harder to drive. 

Luckily, balancing beads are a popular and fast method to keep your tires balanced. However, even after using this method, many drivers think it’s necessary also to balance the traditional method. This is a huge and common mistake, and we’ll tell you why in this blog.

Can You Use Traditional Balancing Weights On a Tire With Balancing Beads? | ABC

The Traditional Method: Using External Forces

This is the most common type of tire balancing. It’s where lead weights are attached to the outside of your rims to equalize the weight distribution and correct the imbalance.

What Are The Steps For This Method?

The technician will first put your car on a lift and take the tire off. They’ll then place it on a balancing machine where they spin it to determine where the heavy spots are. Once they know this, they’ll add lead weights outside the rim until the weight is evenly distributed.

Tire Balancing Beads: Using Internal Forces

This method is very similar to the traditional method, but instead of lead weights, balancing beads are used. Tire balancing beads are tiny glass or metal beads placed inside your tire. As your tire rotates, the beads move around and shift to the heavy spots. This helps balance the weight distribution without adding extra weight to your rims.

What Are The Steps For This Method?

The technician will first put your car on a lift. Then using an injection pump, the beads will slowly be injected inside the tire. You don’t have to remove any part from the vehicle for this method.

Why Should You NOT Use Both Methods At The Same Time?

The main reason you shouldn’t use both methods simultaneously is that it can cause your tires to become unbalanced. If there are already beads inside your tires and you add weights to the outside of the rims, this will throw off the weight distribution and cause your tires to vibrate.

Additionally, using both methods at the same time can damage your rims. The lead weights can become loose and fall off, which can cause scratches or nicks on your rims. So, if you’re using wheel balancing beads, there’s no need to also balance your tires the traditional way. The beads will do all the work for you!

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