Tire balance is very important for all vehicles. From huge trucks to motorcycles, driving with unbalanced tires is very dangerous since it can lead to serious accidents and harm your vehicles’ performance.

And while it’s really important to have your tire balanced for most vehicles, motorcycles are probably the ones that can suffer the worst consequences of driving with unbalanced tires.

Motorcycles can be a lot of fun, but if you’re driving with an unbalanced motorcycle tire, there’s a higher chance of being in an accident.

To be safer and have a more efficient ride, here are 3 signs your motorcycle tires are unbalanced:

1. You Feel Like You’re Driving On A Bumpy Road

The most common and telltale sign of an unbalanced motorcycle tire is a bumpy feel when you’re rolling at driving speeds. The difference between the tires might not be as big as you might think, but a small 50 grams difference can make your driving experience feel life-threatening!

Suppose you’re experiencing a bumpy driving experience. In that case, it’s probably time to park your motorcycle and find a balancing solution like tire balancing beads.

2. One Tire Is Showing More Serious Wear Signs

Performing a visual check on your tires might help you find that one of them is probably a lot more used up than the other. This is a clear sign that there’s a balancing issue.

This should prompt you to find a quick solution since this makes the driving experience a lot less efficient because you’ll have to replace the unbalanced motorcycle tire a lot faster than you expected.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

The final telltale sign that it’s time to check the balance of your tires is bad fuel economy. This is very simple to notice since you’re regularly checking your fuel performance and, when things go bad, you and, most importantly, your wallet feel the change.

Driving with unbalanced tires means your engine will be doing a lot more work trying to compensate for the weight imbalance by stressing itself a lot more, using a lot more fuel in the process.

Drive Safer with ABC Balancing Beads

There are a lot of issues that arise with unbalanced motorcycle tire. That’s why it’s important to find the best long-term solution for this problem.

Thankfully, ABC Balancing Beads offers superior products that will match your expectations and make your drives a lot more enjoyable, safer and efficient! Get in touch today, and let’s find the perfect fit for your motorcycle tires.