Do you ever feel like your car is harder to steer or doesn’t feel right? You’re not alone. Many car owners experience this  at some point, and the main cause is always the same: unbalanced wheels. Luckily, the traditional balancing method is now in the past. Balancing beads can have your car ready and balanced in less than 25 minutes!


In this blog post, we’ll explore all you need to know about balancing beads. Are they effective? How do they work on unbalanced wheels? And much more! Make an informed decision with all the information we’ve got for you here.


What Are Balancing Beads?

Tire balancing beads are small ceramic, steel, plastic, or glass spheres. When placed inside a tire, they shift around and adjust to the changing centrifugal force, counteracting the unbalanced weight of the tire and wheel assembly. This results in a much smoother ride, better fuel economy, and increased tire life!


Are Balancing Beads Effective?

Absolutely! Many drivers report  experiencing a difference in their car’s handling immediately after installing balancing beads. Because they’re always working to keep your tires balanced, you’ll never have to worry about unbalanced tires again!


How Do Balancing Beads Work?

It’s simple physics. As your car moves, the tire and wheel assembly weight shift around, causing an imbalance. This is what makes your car feel “off.” Balancing beads shift around inside the tire to counter the unbalanced weight, resulting in a much smoother ride.


How Do I Install Balancing Beads?

Installing balancing beads for tires is a quick and easy process that can be done in under 25 minutes. First, you’ll need to remove the valve stem from your tire. Next, slowly pour the beads into the tire. Finally, replace the valve stem and inflate your tire to the recommended pressure. That’s it!


Choose ABC Balancing Beads For Your Tires

Now that you know all about balancing beads, you can make an informed decision about whether or not they’re right for your vehicle. If you decide they are, ABC Balancing Beads is here to help. Our beads are made of high-quality tempered glass, so you can be sure they won’t clump or absorb any moisture inside the wheel.


Our beads are popular for providing real results. Our clients have noticed fuel economy and less maintenance costs since they began using our beads. Don’t wait any longer. Order your ABC Balancing Beads for tires today!