Tires are a crucial component of a coach bus. They’re the direct link between your coach bus and the road you’re driving on, and, when taking into account that the actual contact area is no bigger than the palm of your hand, you can see that even the smallest variation can lead to critical safety issues.

Tires are very important for any type of vehicle due to these 4 vital functions:

  1. They provide grip when braking and accelerating.
  2. They help you maintain steering control.
  3. They support the weight of your coach bus.
  4. They are the first shock-absorbing barrier between your vehicle and the road.

A Silent Threat

When buying new tires, it might seem that everything’s perfect and they won’t cause any issues shortly. But that’s far from the truth. No tire is perfect, and, as stated before, even the smallest imperfections can lead to major safety hazards. That’s why it’s paramount to have your tires balanced at all times!

Driving a coach bus with unbalanced tires can put you and your passengers at great risk. That’s why here are the 4 most common signs your coach bus’ tires might be unbalanced!

1. Vibrations

Vibrations on your steering wheel are probably the most common issue when dealing with unbalanced tires, and it makes sense too! Think about it: you use your steering to direct your tires in the correct direction, and if there’s a fault with them, it just makes sense that this would be the first place to show signs.

What signs? Well, for starters, you will feel noticeable shakes on your steering wheel at higher speeds. Now, this should alarm you, and you should check your tires for flat spots, deflated tires, and tire wear. 

2. Faulty Steering

As a continuation of the last point, you will probably experience faulty steering and a sense of losing control of your vehicle. The smoothness of your steering experience will now slowly fade away, and you won’t be able to steer drastically in any direction.

This is concerning because a smooth and quick steer can save you and your passengers’ lives when you’re facing an accident.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

Having an unbalanced set of tires will inevitably put more strain on your coach bus’ engine since unbalanced tires create much more resistance. It forces your engine to stress unnecessarily and, in turn, require more fuel to continue moving.

4. Damaged Shocks and Bearings

Unbalanced tires put unnecessary stress on your engine and affect other areas of your coach bus, such as shocks and bearings. If you don’t find a solution to your unbalancing problem, you might end up needing to replace more than just your tires.

The Ultimate Balancing Solution

The market is currently filled with options to balance tires. Still, recently, tire balancing beads have become the go-to for professional tire balancing. They offer a host of positives on tire performance, and they’re very easy to install.

At ABC Balancing Beads, we offer superior tire balancing beads for all your coach bus needs. Try them out and experience a hassle-free one-time installation process and superior tire performance now!