If you are like most truck drivers, you know that it is important to keep your tires in good condition. This not only keeps your truck running smoothly but also helps to ensure your safety on the road. One of the most important maintenance tasks for truck tires is balancing them.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different methods used for tire balancing and how to use balancing beads to achieve a fast and easy balance.

Tire Balancing Methods

When it comes to truck tire balancing, there are three main methods used, each method has a different procedure, and they all take different times to complete:

  • Static Balancing:  Static balancing is the most common type of tire balance and is used on most vehicles. This method uses a balancer to spin the wheel and tire combination and determines where it is out of balance. It then corrects the imbalance by adding or removing weight from the rim in specific places.
  • Dynamic Balancing: Dynamic balancing is used when there is an irregular wear pattern on the tires. Static balancing cannot correct this imbalance because it moves around as the tire rotates. A roller arm device applies pressure to different tire parts with dynamic balancing as it spins. This simulates how the tire will react when driving and allows for a more accurate correction.
  • Balancing Beads: Balancing beads are small, round pieces of glass inserted into the tire before inflating. It balances the entire axle, the tire, the wheel, and the moving components of the wheel assembly. It offers many benefits, such as longer tire life and fuel economy. Balancing Beads are the fastest balancing method and are very easy to install.

Balancing Beads Are The Fastest Solution

While all tire balancing methods work well, bead balancing is often considered the fastest and easiest way to achieve balance. This is because there is no need for weights or machines to be used.

ABC Balancing Beads offer balance beads for truck tires and other vehicles. They make use of an injection procedure that takes little to no time (5 minutes per tire) and is hassle-free: 

Step 1: Place a floor jack underneath the front axle when steering tires to take the pressure off them. 

Step 2: Release the air from the tire through the valve stem.

Step 3: Fill the injection pump by simply pouring the beads into the reservoir.

Step 4: The chuck is attached to the valve stem to ensure the air pressure is in the off position, and attach your airline.

Step 5: Holding the injection tool vertically, up in the air valve release from three to six o’clock, slowly turning the injection tool upwards toward you.

ABC Balancing Beads

It’s important to always keep your tires in good condition by regularly balancing them. ABC Balancing Beads are the quickest solution if you’re looking for balancing beads for truck tires. It will help increase your safety on the road, prolong the life of your tires, and save you money in the long run.