Tire balancing beads have become essential when keeping tires balanced and in good shape. Not only do they stabilize the vehicle, but they also avoid uneven wear out and will save you some expensive trips to the shop.


You’ve probably heard or seen videos about these amazing little beads. Their simple installation process makes them extremely popular among vehicle owners. Would you like to know more about them before your purchase? Great! We’ll tell you all about them.


How To Install Balancing Beads Onto Your Tire?

Installing balancing beads is pretty easy peasy. Here’s how to do it, step by step:

  1. Take the pressure off the steer tires by placing a forejack under the tires
  2. Release the air from the tire by removing the valve core from the valve stem
  3. Pour the beads into the injection pump
  4. Attach the chuck to the valve stem 
  5. Hold the injection tool vertically and open the air valve release while slowly turning the injection tool upwards.


Can Too Many Beads Damage Your Vehicle?

Having too many beads inside the tire sometimes can cause a small inequality. This is an issue on smaller tires where there is not as much room for the beads to spread equally. Too many beads can produce an excess where they get forced into the wrong balance placement, provoking an imbalance. 


There is a correct amount of product to have inside the tires. If the tire is small, it takes more precision than larger tires, such as off-road or commercial tires. Large tires have far more space to hold additional beads without interrupting the performance. 


ABC Balancing Beads recommends using this chart to find the correct amount of beads according to the vehicle type and tire size. 


Say Goodbye To Unbalanced Tires & Hello To ABC Balancing Beads

Are you looking for effective unbalanced tire solutions? Try our ABC Tire Balancing Beads! Our balancing beads are made of a high-quality tempered glass coating designed to last. Plus, our innovative memory technology ensures that your tires will be balanced and stay balanced for a longer time.


Installation doesn’t have to be a concern. In only 20 minutes, all your tires will be balanced and ready to go! Give your tires the treatment they deserve. Get more information on our website or speak with one of our experts.