Smooth driving is a balancing act that requires getting the wheels and tires to spin at high speeds without vibrations. That’s not a slam dunk; a dirty little secret about car wheels and tires is that they usually aren’t perfectly round, even when brand new. What’s more, their weight often isn’t evenly distributed, so they’re heavier in some spots than others.

Either issue can cause annoying vibrations. Out-of-balance tires can also cause rapid tire or suspension wear, so it’s not just about the ride comfort.

When do Tires Need to Be Balanced?

Vehicle makers don’t include tire balancing in the maintenance schedule. Your mechanic may recommend balancing your tires if you feel a vibration or as preventative maintenance. Balancing tires won’t benefit you if you don’t feel any vibrations when driving on the highway.

A tire might go out of balance due to uneven wear or if one of the wheel weights falls off.  For example, this often happens when a rim is scraped against the curb. A wheel might also go out of balance if the rim is bent, even slightly, after hitting a large pothole. The most common symptom of an unbalanced tire is a vibration at highway speeds.

Do All Four Tires Need To Be Balanced?

If there is a vibration issue, all four tires are typically balanced at the same time. The reason is that it’s hard to tell which tire is the cause of the vibration. If the repair is done to only one tire, only that tire needs to be re-balanced.

An imbalanced tire yields uncomfortable ride quality, but in addition to the vibration sensation that typically accompanies an out of balance tire, the affected tire’s handling characteristics are compromised as well. This includes steering. All it takes is one half of an ounce of weight difference on any given tire to bring about considerable vibration.

What’s The Best Way To Balance?

If you’ve noticed your truck is not driving as efficiently as it should be, you will want to ensure you get your tires balanced as soon as possible. With the advances in technology, balancing beads are an effective and revolutionary way to get your tires balanced. Investing in balancing beads offers the following benefits:

  • The balancing beads installation process is more straightforward than the one for weights. You can install them without dismounting the tire as they are injected directly into the tire through the air valve.
  • There is only a need for a one-time installation for the entire life of the tire.
  • They effectively reduce vehicle vibration considerably and minimize premature and irregular wear in comparison to weights.
  • You’ll be able to increase your vehicle’s tire performance.

Get Balanced With ABC Balancing Beads

At ABC Balancing Beads, we offer a unique memory technology in balancing beads, making them different from any other beads on the market. Our electrostatic charge allows our beads to remain stabilized and in place even when your truck is at a complete standstill.

They’ll enable a completely balanced axle in the tire, wheel, and all the wheel assembly’s moving components for the life of the tire. Our tire balancing beads are sure to be a lifetime investment and deliver nothing less than the best.