Wheel balance makes a huge difference in the life of a tire, from the safe handling of a vehicle to the longevity of steering and suspension components. A Coach bus is not the exception. Incorporating Balance in the Bus´Maintenance is a must.

Recommended Period To Perform Tire Balancing

Tire Balancing is when the tires are removed and reattached at a different position on the vehicle to ensure they wear correctly, which should be done as regular maintenance, every 5,000 to 10,000 km on most vehicles, including Coach Bus. However, many coach bus owners do their balancing part pretty often.

Also, it is recommended to do tire balancing when:

  • The steering Wheel Vibrates at High Speeds: Usually, when that happens, the imbalance is in the front wheels.
  • The Seat and The Floorboard Vibrate: When this happens, the imbalance is in the rear wheels.
  • Cupped wear patterns on the part of the tires.

Types of Balancing Methods

There are some types of balancing methods such as:

  • Wheel Weights: Attaching external wheel weights to the rim to correctly tire balance is one of the oldest methods bus still commonly used today.
  • Internal Balancing Compounds: Internal balancing compounds are normally placed inside a tire with the pre-measured bags during installation or de-installation. Internal balancing compounds are also injected directly into the tire through the valve stem.
  • Balance Rings: Rings are filled with free-moving liquid or small balls of metal. This is similar to internal balance compounds. This way, they balance the tire as it travels.

Balancing Beads: Balancing beads have a better impact than other methods since beads stabilize the axle, wheel, and tire more evenly.

Balancing Beads, The Best Method For Coach Bus

Even though there are many solutions to adjust tires, balancing beads is the most reliable and efficient solution compared to other methods.

Here are some of their benefits for Coach Bus Tire Balancing Beans:

  • Tire Life Increasing: Tire Balancing beads decrease the rolling resistance, and that decreases wear. This will allow you to use the same tires for a longer period, saving enough money.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Balancing beads are way less expensive than other methods such as wheel weights or balancing ring and they last what the tire last in most cases.
  • Lower Vibrations: Balancing beads align the whole wheel assembly lowering the vibrations.

ABC Balancing Beads, The Place To Go

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