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About: ABC Balancing Beads specializes in products used to increase the life of tires. Its innovative technology has had the greatest impact on large, commercial vehicles.

HEADLINE: ABC Balancing Beads Announces New Motorcycle Product to Increase Tire Life

Springfield, Oregon/USA – ABC Balancing Beads announces the introduction of a new balancing product for motorcycles that eliminates the traditional use of stick on and spoked wheel weights. This innovative technology which has greatly impacted large commercial trucking operations is now available to motorcyclists. Its unique memory technology has helped to lengthen the life of tires, eliminate vibration, and reduce the cost of fuel for commercial vehicles. Now motorcycles can receive the same benefit of the one-time balance for the life of the tires.

Danny McLellan, ABC Balancing Beads’ Sales Director explains that new studies involving this technology have shown other benefits as well. “Users have documented fuel savings, among other things, over an extended period. Because of this, the vehicle will ultimately run more efficiently. There are two types of installation methods, the traditional drop in bag or highspeed injection through the valve stem to help with general wear and tear that traditionally occurs in most tires,” McLellan stated in a recent interview.

One proven benefit of the technology has been reduced maintenance costs and fees that can build up over time. Additionally, the beads can help tires to withstand harsher conditions for extended periods of time.

“These balancing beads are made of tempered glass that create an electrostatic charge keeping the beads stabilized in place – like rubbing a balloon on your head and sticking it to the wall. You get a completely balanced wheel assembly for the life of the tire and a smooth ride,” explains Larry Wicklund, Manager of Product Development.

ABC Balancing Beads is pleased to be able to offer to motorcyclists the benefits they’ve been providing commercial truck drivers for years. Motorcycles can now get a smoother ride with improved longevity of tires. More information on the tire injection process for motorcycles can be found at

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