One of the most common types of chemical spills in the workplace or on the road is oil. It’s used in everything from forklifts and trucks to industrial machines and lifting equipment. Oil is a highly flammable substance, which increases the risk of many dangerous situations should there be an accidental oil spill.

Even a tiny amount of oil on a road surface can spell extreme danger for drivers and surrounding nature. Keep reading to learn more about the hazards and risks associated with accidental oil spills on the road and how you can clean one up, an environmentally friendly way.

Risks Associated With Oil Spills

Often we only hear about oil spills that are large in magnitude, such as those in bodies of water. However, more minor accidental oil spills on land can have a detrimental impact on the environment over time, for example:

  • Farms and Grasslands: As spilled oil on land prevents water absorption by the soil, spills on grasslands’ agricultural locations affect choking off plant life. If a spill occurs in these environments, the highest response priorities are to prevent oil from leaching into groundwater and to return the soil to productive use as fast as possible.
  • Cities and Towns: In urban environments, spill response strategies place primary emphasis on protecting human health and restoring usability to the spill’s site as quickly as possible. Oil spills can leach into groundwater or enter rivers and streams as run-off. 

The ABC Absorbent Difference

The ABC spill Absorbent is safe for the environment and has over twenty times the absorption rate of conventional absorbents. It’s customized with microbes to remediate specific contaminants and to pick up a wide variety of liquids. 

Here are a few more reasons that make ABC Absorbent different:

  • The addition of oil and hydrocarbon digesting microbes allows for the disposal of the used sorbent contaminated with oil into the environment.
  • The addition of encapsulated microbes extends the material’s flexibility as the sorbent may be abandoned because the microbes will remediate the contaminant and the sorbent itself is biodegradable.
  • The encapsulation permits a shelf-life of three years or more so the material can be available and ready for use when needed.
  • ABC Absorbent includes a system for protecting the oil digesting microbes and the necessary nutrients while being maintained in a dormant state until their activity is triggered.
  • ABC Absorbent can remedy a wide range of liquid spill other than oils or hydrocarbons, such as synthetic oils, fuels, coolants, paints, polymers, solvers, oils with PCBs, cyanides, sulfides, insecticides, and herbicides.

Protect The Environment With ABC Balancing Beads

At ABC Balancing Beads, we are dedicated to offering only high-quality and environmentally-friendly products. Our absorbents are perfect for accidental oil spills, whether in the workplace or on land – it is a source of concern for the entire planet.

When you choose ABC absorbent, you are choosing an absorbent that offers convenience and is safe for the environment.