If you work with oil, whether it’s storage, transportation, or more, you must be prepared for any accidents such as oil leaks or oil spills. When it comes to oil, you need to know how to get it properly cleaned before a more significant problem arises.

When you are adequately prepared for any oil spill accidents, you can avoid pollution and possible damage to your property. Keeping a kit with the right sorbent materials will ensure that you get rid of the oil while leaving behind any water.

Here are some ways you can deal with oil spills:

Take Action Immediately

If you are dealing with an oil spill, you’ll need to take action immediately before it causes significant pollution and legal action is taken against you. If you’re in an environmentally sensitive area, a quick response is always an obligation, or there will be a fine.

Stop The Flow If Possible

If you are able, stop the flow of oil before the damage expands. The more controlled the spill is, the easier it will be to clean up. Don’t get oil on your skin; put a bucket or find a container to avoid the leak from spreading.

Don’t Let It Flow Down Any Drains or Gutters

Always avoid washing any oil down drains, gutters, or to the ground. Drains usually connect to water sources and could contaminate streams, rivers, and more. This may seem like an easy and quick solution, but the damage it can cause can become extensive.

Don’t Use Detergents; Use Absorbents

Don’t use detergents to deal with oil spills. This could cause more pollution due to the different mixtures. The detergent itself is already considered a pollutant, and mixing oil and water would only worsen the situation.

Absorbent kits are always helpful as most are environmentally friendly and will remove the oil without removing water. This will prevent further pollution and make the process simple.

Use ABC Balancing Bead’s Absorbent

As previously mentioned, the best way to deal with an oil spill is using absorbent materials. ABC oil spill absorbent provides a high pick-up ratio (25X more than conventional absorbents). It has environmental benefits as its primary ingredients are biodegradable.

ABC Absorbent is known for remediating a wide range of liquid spills other than oils or hydrocarbons, such as synthetic oils, fuels, coolants, paints, polymers, solvents, oils with PCBs, cyanides, sulfides, insecticides, and herbicides.