Tire balance is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. A vehicle’s wheels can cause vibrations and uneven tire wear without proper balance. Drivers have several options for balancing, but the most convenient is the use of beads— tiny spheres that you add to a tire to balance it.

Many drivers ask whether valve filters are necessary when installing balancing beads in their tires, and you may be wondering the same. Therefore, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this internal balancing method. Read on!

Are Valves Necessary For This Internal Balancing Method?

In short, yes. To ensure proper installation of the beads, you must use a valve filter system. The filter holds the beads inside the tire while allowing air and moisture to escape. This process allows for more accurate and consistent balance over time and better performance on wet roads during inclement weather.

Installation Process 

The installation of balancing beads is straightforward:

  1. Place a floor jack under the front axle to release the tire pressure.
  2. Remove the existing valve stem from your tire using a small wrench or pliers.
  3. Pour the beads into an injection pump and secure them to the valve stem.
  4. Open the air valve release from three to six o’clock to fill the tire with beads. You should do this for around 45 seconds.
  5. Air up the tire to the desired pressure, and reinstall the valve caps.

What About Clogging?

One of the most common concerns is whether there will be any clogging issues. While clogging isn’t a common problem with balancing beads, you should use a long valve core and self-sealing cap to limit the risk. Also, it’s essential to keep the area around the valve clean from dust or debris. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth ride while keeping your vehicle’s performance at its best.

Keep Your Internal Tire Balance With ABC Balancing Beads

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