There are many reasons why our vehicles leak oil; for example, an overtightened gasket or the tightness itself could be unbalanced, among other reasons. Anyways, we’ll leave that to professionals.

The question is: can engine oil catch on fire? And, is it safe to drive a vehicle leaking oil? In this blog, we’ll address the question in depth.

Will Oil Spilled On My Engine Catch Fire?

Straight to the point, the answer is yes. Even though motor oil isn’t flammable, it is combustible. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it isn’t a flammable liquid. To be considered one, it has to ignite at 200° Fahrenheit; oil ignites at 300°-400° Fahrenheit. It only means that motor oil requires higher temperatures to burn.

Even though a regular motor engine’s temperature ranges from 190-220° Fahrenheit, the oil helps control overall temperatures. If your vehicle has low oil levels due to the leaks, your engine’s temperature will increase, and so will the chances of burning.

There’s a whole chemical explanation to why motor oil isn’t easy to burn and safe to use in most scenarios that your chemistry teacher would be proud to teach. But, we’ll stick to the short answers; yes, there’s a chance your vehicle can catch on fire if it’s leaking oil. You shouldn’t be driving if your car is spilling oil; you oppose a threat to you and the other drivers around you.

Other Possible Dangers

Burning isn’t the only danger you should worry about; for example, motor oil leaks can cause seals and rubber hoses to deteriorate prematurely. With damaged seals and rubber hoses, your vehicle is prone to breakdown and to fail without warning. You and other drivers around are at risk if your car catches on fire or if the engine stops working when driving.

What Do I Do?

If you notice any oil leaks on your vehicle or smell burning oil, it’s crucial to drive it to the nearest mechanic service. A mechanic will inspect your vehicle, fix the leak, and give back your car in the best condition possible, hopefully.

At the same time, use an oil spill absorbent from ABC Balancing Beads to clean up the area where oil has leaked to prevent environmental damage and other drivers’ safety.

ABC Balancing Beads’ Absorbents Has You Covered

ABC Balancing has an oil spill absorbent that will remediate the contaminant. Our oil spill absorbent has a 25x more pick-up ratio than regular absorbents, and it’s biodegradable. We all have seen how oil damages the environment; that’s why we contribute to keeping it by cleaning the harm with environmentally friendly materials.

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